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Things to do in Mossel Bay; Things to do in Hartenbos

Mossel Bay Craft Art – Next to the Mossel Bay Tourist Office

 Mossel Bay is just as much a hub of modern arts and crafts as it is colonial-era art and culture. See some of the finest examples of modern and authentic African beadwork and glass art, at the working Mossel Bay Craft Art studio,

Located on Market Street in the Center of Mossel Bay, Mossel Bay Art Craft allows visitors to see local artists at work. This makes for a one-of-a-kind introduction to local hand embroidery and other local talents, available nowhere else on the Western Cape.

Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse – The Point, Point Rd, Mossel Bay

 First opened in 1864, Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse is a 14-meter tall lighthouse built on a 20-meter high rocky outcrop at the end of Point Road. Built to protect passing ships from Mossel Bay’s rugged coastline, the lighthouse is still in use, Today, though, visitors can climb to the top of Cape St.Blaize lighthouse tower, to take in panoramic views of Mossel Bay and views out over the Indian Ocean.

Skydive Mossel Bay – Mossel Bay Airfield

Wondering what to do in Mossel Bay if you are an adrenalin junkie? If so, look no further. Skydive Mossel Bay provides what is is easily the most exciting way to see Mossel Bay. Suit up and pair an exhilarating scenic flight over Mossel Bay and the surrounding garden route area, with a tandem skydive back to Earth.

The Mossel Bay Skydive drop zone is located just 5km from Santos Beach. It is, therefore, easy to pair skydives with other sightseeing adventures, in the heart of Mossel Bay and the surrounding area.

Seal Island Trips and Ocean Tours – .Mossel Bay Harbor   

If you are a nature lover, your Mossel Bay to-do list will need to include a stunning boat trip to experience Western Cape oceanic flora and fauna.

Located in Mossel Bay Harbor, Romonza Boat Trips offer daily excursions to Mossel Bay’s famous Seal Island. Here, it is possible to sea local fur seals idling their time away between hunting for sardines in surrounding Indian Ocean waters. Separate trips can also be booked to see Humpback and Southern Right Whales. Alternatively, book a simple sunset cruise around Hartenbos, Seal Island, and Diaz Beach.

Jakkalsvlei Wine Farm Wine Tasting – 40 km From Mossel Bay

If you love wine and are looking for things to do in Mossel Bay, the Jakkalsvlei Winery has you covered.  

Located in a hidden valley 40 km north of Mossel Bay, Jakkalsvlei offers daily tours and wine tasting on their sprawling 34ha vineyard. Unique in that much of Jakkalsvlei is in a cellphone dead zone, vineyard tours allow adults to escape the buzz of the real world, before sampling some of South Africa’s finest local wines.

Open 7-days a week, Jakkalsvlei is a family-friendly vineyard which also features a pizza and gourmet burger restaurant.

Transkaroo Restaurant – Old Railway Station, Mossel Bay

 The Western Cape is famous for a unique infusion of traditional South African and European culture. Top things to do in Mossel Bay, therefore, include visits to top local restaurants like Transkaroo.

Located in the old Mossel Bay Railway Station, Transkaroo offers signature dining famous for combining European and genuine South African flavors and cooking methods. Top rated on Trip Advisor, popular specialties include local coconut fishcakes and teriyaki ribs with root vegetables. The atmosphere and ambiance of the old railway station setting, also make Transkaroo perfect for romantic dining experiences.

Boerqi Bistro at Ruiterbos Farm Stall – Between Mossel Bay and Oudtshoorn

Boerqi Bistro is the most famous gastropub in the Mossel Bay area. A visitor attraction in itself, Boerqi is located in an old farmhouse with several rooms where authentic Boer era trinkets and antiques are on display.

At the farm stall part of Boerqi Bistro, visitors can purchase organic local produce like marmalades and jams. However, in the adjoining restaurant, families can sample a wider menu of delicious home-cooked gastro food in an atmospheric setting featuring everything from old rocking chairs to radios. This makes every visit to Boerqi Bistro just as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the tastebuds. 

Top Things To Do In Hartenbos in 2019

Hartenbos is a stunning coastal town in the Mossel Bay area of the Western Cape.

For tourists, top things to do in Hartenbos center on sightseeing and cultural excursions. Top places of interest, therefore, include museums and local landmarks commentating the so-called ‘Great Trek’ which saw Dutch farmers (Voortrekkers) first venture en-masse into the South African interior.

 Hartenbos Waterpark – Hartenbos Seafront

If you are looking for family-friendly things to do in and around Hartenbos, a trip to the Hartenbos Waterpark on Port Natal Avenue, is a must.

Open year-round, Hartenbos Waterpark is a favorite children’s attraction. Water slides, immaculately clean pools and jungle gyms, make the park perfect for water-loving children of all ages. However, heated pools and close by restaurants mean that adults too can relax and unwind, even without careening down the parks many water slides.

 Hartenbos Beach and Resort – Kaap de Goede Hoop Laan, Hartenbos

Located just 8km from Mossel Bay, Hartenbos Beach is quieter, yet just as beautiful as Mossel Bay’s famous Santos Beach. Offering immaculately clean wide sandy beaches, Hartenbos Beach is perfect for family swimming and watersports like surfing and paddle boarding.

Framed on the Western Cape coast by the Hartenbos Beach Resort, visitors are also well served by several shops, restaurants, and conveniences.

Hartenbos Museum – Market & Church Street, Hartenbos

Itineraries of top things to do in Hartenbos should always include a visit to the Hartenbos Museum of the Great Trek.

Learn how Dutch farmers first began to settle the expansive South African interior, while interacting with several hands-on displays and recreations of colonial-era clothing, technology, and everyday items.

Featuring an expansive collection of exhibits from the Voortrek (Great Trek), a visit to the Hartenbos Museum is perfect for visitors of all ages and interests.

Outeniqua Moon 100 Hectare Mountain Farm –  Just off the Road from Mosselbay to Oudtshoorn

For families considering what to do in Hartenbos, a trip to Outeniqua Moon is a must. Located on 100 hectares of mountainous farmland, Outeniqua Moon is home to several Heavy Draft Percheron Horses, which were once the chief workhorses of the South African farming industry.

Visitors to Outeniqua Moon can get up close and personal with both horses and foals, in one of the most relaxed and picturesque settings in Hartenbos.

Ocean Basket Restaurant – Hartenbos Seafront

Hartenbos is just as famous for seafood as it is miles of pristine coastline and colonial-era history. To sample the finest, diners can visit the most loved seafood restaurant on the entire Western Cape.

Open daily, The Ocean Basket offers several Mediterranean and Portuguese inspired seafood dishes, created using only the finest locally sourced South African produce.

Takoda Spur Steak Ranch –  Kaap De Goede Hoop Avenue

For meat lovers visiting Hartenbos, a visit to the Takoda Spur Steak Ranch in Hartenbos is a must.

Open daily, the Takoda Spur Steak Ranch is top-rated on Facebook and Trip Advisor. House specialties include tasty, chargrilled steaks and a plethora of hearty burgers, grills and breakfast items. For children, the Takoda Spur Steak Ranch also features an extensive kids menu and the ability to save by earning family loyalty points on every purchase.