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Why The Hartenbos Area Is The Perfect Holiday Destination When Staying In Self-catering Accommodation

323 Kus Road Tergniet, Beach House near Mossel Bay

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Tergniet is 13 kilometers from Hartenbos.

Over the last decade, The Hartenbos Area has become the most popular holiday destination for families, couples, and travelers along the south coast of South Africa. Tens of thousands of people from the northern provinces choose to have their summer holiday here, with more people also traveling from abroad to visit its sun-kissed, Blue Flag beaches.

The Hartenbos Area is one of those ideal locations for staying in self-catered accommodation as you truly have access to all manner of activities, events, and locales – regardless of gender, age or background. There’s something for everyone!

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Hartenbos Area Everything under the sun at your own pace

An idiom that embodies the spirit of the The Hartenbos Area holiday. Holiday-goers staying in accommodation and self-catering for themselves while still tasting local produce and having access to much cheaper and centrally-located facilities than they would in a hotel will be able to set their own pace for their South Africa trip and take in the local atmosphere as they see fit.

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The Hartenbos Area is also a part of the Whale and Garden Route, sited between Mossel Bay and George, meaning there’ll be plenty of opportunities to visit the fantastic gardens and parks that feature Victorian décor and architecture – as well as dolphin, whale, and seal watching, whether from a boat or the warm, soothing sands of the whitewashed beaches.

For the more daring, you can even opt to swim with dolphins and sharks with one of the specialist research centers that offer travelers an unforgettable experience to be alongside these majestic creatures.

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Hartenbos Area Antiques, trinkets, and bargains


Whether it’s visiting the local charity shops during the daytime or the myriad of colorful kiosks that pop up on the main street, there’ll be bargains for the budding adventurer.  At the peak of the holiday season, the main street kiosks vendor anything from handmade clothing, holiday trinkets, rustic antiques, delicious seafood, and local cuisine.

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Hartenbos – History at your fingertips


A holiday in South Africa wouldn’t be complete without experiencing some of the local cultures and learning more about its history – The Hartenbos Area is no different.


The The Hartenbos Area Museum features an impressive array of items used by the Voortrekker pioneers during the mid-1800s. It is one of the oldest museums in Mossel Bay focusing on what is known as The Great Trek. The museum features dioramas and exhibitions with a focus on the lifestyle of these travelers and is a must-see destination along the Garden Route. Whether you’re a history buff or an enthusiast, the museum is a great starting point to learn more about The Hartenbos Area and its people.


But it doesn’t just stop there! The Hartenbos Area has many buildings, parks, and locales to visit that feature styles of architecture and unique quirks that will enlighten those willing to seek them out. Learning more about the areas you visit does broaden your horizons and make you appreciate your travels.


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Hartenbos Area Culture and festivals

The famous AKTV Amphitheatre hosts Afrikaans’ cultural events and festivals and is a bucket-list destination for travelers around the world. The range that the Amphitheatre hosts are varied enough to be different on repeat visits to The Hartenbos Area and you always get to experience culture in an immersive and fun way from passionate people who love to share.

From December to January, The Hartenbos Area is visited by more than 90,000 visitors to enjoy the festivals and events on offer during the Christmas season – making it ideal for families with children and couples alike.

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Beautiful birdlife – Reebok Area


Not only does the history, culture, and sea life draw in people to choose to have their holidays in The Hartenbos Area in 2020 and beyond, but so does the birdlife!


In the Mossel Bay region alone, there is a vast array of birding destinations that are reachable on day trips – which is great for those choosing self-catering accommodation. This means that they can get to see many different species of birds from Purple Herons to Black-winged Stilts while having a base to go back to recuperate and recharge for the next day of activities.


Even if you are an unexperienced birder or wildlife photographer, there are many groups lead by local bird experts which can guide and share their experience with you to craft a trip that you’ll never forget.


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Craft your perfect South Africa holiday in 2020 – Mossel Bay

Now more than ever are people in need of a relaxing holiday – and we believe The Hartenbos Area is a top contender for those in South Africa or people looking to travel here. So, what will you be doing for your South Africa holidays in 2020?

If you’ve got any questions about staying here, the activities you might want to consider, and the options you’ll in terms of accommodation in The Hartenbos Area, please feel free to contact us below via phone or email. And if you would like exciting news and updates, feel free to sign up for the newsletter – we’re excited to share more!

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